Saturday, January 30, 2010

GameInformer War for Cybertron Podcast Thoughts

So I will just start this off by saying,I am a HUGE Transformers fan,I was very excited when I found out about a new game coming out that wasn't based on the movies.

I have been following the War for Cybertron hub here on the GI site,I have even been posting updates to a site that I visit.

So now onto my thoughts about the podcast.

-Omega Supreme Boss Fight

* This is going to be amazing,the fact that he can destroy pretty much everything in the room is gonna make for a very interested boss fight.When I first read about Omega being a boss,I immediately thought of the Tidal Wave boss fight from the 2003 PS2 Transformers game.

-Vertical Levels

* So,we're gonna have some vertical levels where enemies can snipe down at you,but here is the great thing about this,if you are a jet,you can just transform and traverse the levels.This is gonna be a great level I think.

-Online Co-Op and Competetive Multiplayer

* AWESOME!GI said that at all times they saw teams of 3 Transformers,I hope this transfers over onto the online aspect of it,I would love to be able to storm Kaon with 2 other Autobot online buddies.


* GI played a sample track from the game,and it had a very epic tone to it,I could get use to storming a Decepticon base while that is playing.

And last but not least:

-Voice Actors

* So GI said that High Moon/Activision/Hasbro will be making an announcement about the VAs,it's already common knowledge that Peter Cullen will be voicing Optimus Prime,but GI kind of let it slip that the majority of the VAs from the 1984 G1 series will be returning,does this mean that we will have Frank Welker as Megatron,Peter Cullen as bother Optimus and Ironhide,Micheal Bell as Prowl(He has already stated that he is signed on for a new TF project,could this be it?),Greg Berger for Grimlock?In the words of Macho Man Randy Savage,"My curiosity is killing me,like a cat would be killed by the curiosity!"

So there you guys go,these are my thoughts on the podcast,mainly on the things that stood out most to me.

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