Friday, February 5, 2010

New Transformers show called Transformers:Prime?

I'm assuming by the name of the show that this will be a show solely centered around a Prime,hopefully Optimus.I have a feeling that this is gonna be another origins story of Optimus,really guys,how many more times can the retell Optimus' rising to the Autobot leader.

On a related noted,Jeffery Combs has been reported to be playing Ratchet's voice,this contradicts what Micheal Bell reported some weeks back,he claimed that he was playing both Prowl and the Docbot Ratchet,so who knows who is right,only time will tell.

Just read on TFW,that they are aiming at having 26 episodes in a season,that is almost double what Animated was given,hopefully the increase does not decrease the quality of the show.

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